IGSA Board Members

Education is the key to unlocking the doors of opportunity, and as Indian graduate students, let us strive for excellence, embrace diversity, and illuminate the path to a brighter future. Together, we can write the story of success that echoes across borders and inspires generations to come.

APJ Abdul Kalam


PresidentDivij Kohlidivijk2@illinois.edu
TreasurerAnanthi Renganathanananthi2@illinois.edu
Secretary Derek Pintoderekp2@illinois.edu
Internal Vice-PresidentSameeksha Bhayesbhaye2@illinois.edu
External Vice-President Utsav Majumdarutsavm2@illinois.edu
External Vice-President Sowmya Yellapragadasowmyay2@illinois.edu
Social Media ChairMukesh PVmukeshp2@illinois.edu
Alumni Relations Co-chairAravind Ramakrishnanaravind4@illinois.edu


PresidentRohit Vaidyarohitmv2@illinois.edu
TreasurerKarthik Pattaje Sooryanarayanaksp4@illinois.edu
Secretary Sakshi Bharadwaj sakshib2@illinois.edu
Internal Vice-PresidentSkanda Bharadwaj skandab2@illinois.edu
External Vice-President Srini Mudalagiriyappa sm27@illinois.edu
Alumni Relations Co-chairSai Kalyan Evani
Kalyani Ananthakrishnan
Social Media ChairShraddha Shirguppe sns4@illinois.edu

New Students

New to campus? We’re there to help!

Congratulations on getting admitted to the University of Infinite and Unbounded Corn fields! You have made the best decision in your life, by choosing to do your grad studies at UIUC! Consistently ranked as among the best schools in the world for graduate studies and home to several world-renowned innovators, Nobel laureates, and thinkers, you will find all the opportunities to need here to script the future of your dreams.

We at IGSA hope to to assist you as you set foot in UIUC. They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step – you’ve already made that by deciding to come here.┬áNeed a lift?