Get ready to fly!

You’ll be the same year after year except for the people you meet, the books you read, the films you watch, the places you travel, and the new things you do.
~Lomin L Lee
Your visa is stamped, flight tickets booked, bags packed, and the Ola is waiting. You’re set… almost. Keep these things in mind before you begin your journey:
  • Reach the airport in time. At least 2 hours before a national flight and 3 hours before an international flight.
  • Make sure that you have address and phone number tags on all your luggage.
  • Keep your passport, ticket, I-20, admission letter and all other official documents in your hand bag.
  • Make photocopies of all important documents and keep them in your check-in luggage and as well in your hand bag.
  • Carry an extra set of clothes.
  • Keep at least one or two contact phone numbers and address handy.
  • Apart from dollars keep some Indian currency.

During check-in at the airport:

  • Make sure that your luggage is checked in all the way to your destination in USA.
  • Keep your baggage tags safely.
  • A national flight might need baggage identification. Confirm this with the local airlines staff.
  • Fill out the necessary customs and immigration forms in the international airport.

And on the flight:

  • Before landing you will be given a customs and immigration form. Fill them up in the plane itself.
  • When in doubt, always put the address in your passport as the address in India and your school’s address as address in USA.